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L3 Analytics was founded in 2010 by Peter O’Neill as a UK business consultancy, focusing on using web analytics data to improve the performance of online companies. However L3 Analytics has partnerships with digital agencies in a variety of online areas enabling us to handle a wide range of projects.Interested in our services? Then Contact us.

Peter o' Neill

Peter O’ Neill


Founder, Lead Consultant

Peter has been working in the web analytics field for over eight years, both client and agency side. His previous role before setting up L3 Analytics was as a Senior Customer Insight Consultant with Logan Tod, working with a range of retail, ecommerce and financial services clients. He writes extensively on the L3 Analytics blog and won the econsultancy JUMP challenge in 2010 with his post on Measuring Multichannel Marketing Campaigns.


Florian Giudicelli


Digital Analytics Consultant

My mission is to help people to make better business decisions informed by great data. Originally from France, I have developed strong technical and analytical skills working as a Web Analyst for the major French retailer, Boulanger.

In 2013, I moved across to the UK to start a new adventure and joined L3 Analytics as its’ first employee.

I knew L3 Analytics would be a fantastic place to grow my career after talking with Peter at events such as MeasureCamp and the Adobe EMEA Summit.

When I’m not working to help my clients understand their customers, I can often be seen around London, going fast on 8 wheels. Please don’t be too alarmed if you suddenly see hundreds of skaters rollerblading by at night. We’re all a nice bunch and if you see a guy in a yellow vest, controlling the traffic, it’s probably me!


Evi Anastasiadou


Junior Digital Analytics Consultant

I joined L3 Analytics in 2014 to be able to help business owners and stakeholders to make intelligent decisions that improve business performance.

The blend of my degree in Business Administration and online marketing experience helps our clients to understand their online performance from a business perspective.

L3 Analytics is a consultancy which is fully specialized in web analytics, giving the perfect insights for any business trying to get the most from digital. That’s why I joined L3, as I have a fantastic opportunity to become one of the best web analysts and well-renowned across the world.

When the office door closes I am a passionate musician, having played the flute for more than 15 years. I’m also a fashion lover so it’s fantastic to work with all our fashion clients. Finally I’m a House of Cards series addict: I like irons, but I love fire!


Javier Martin


Junior Digital Analytics Consultant

I have a data background, so it was not difficult for me to choose Digital Analytics as the field in which I wanted to focus, after having gained some experience in different online marketing areas.

I am Spanish, but have previously lived in Ireland, Belgium and France. However, London has always been the place where I wanted to live, and the main place to work in Analytics. I am really keen in professional development, and knew that L3 Analytics was going to be an excellent opportunity that would help me to become a better analyst.

When I am not analysing data or debugging code, I can be found at juggling events, rugby matches or just chilling in East London.


Dominic Atkinson


Managing Director

Things can get pretty hectic here at L3 Analytics. This industry has stacks of opportunity for the people we work with, and figuring out how to help clients delight their customers requires us to be consistently at our best.

I’ve spent my career developing teams, and it’s my job to make sure this team of smart people can get on with doing amazing work for our clients.

It’s fantastic to work across a number of sectors, especially the restaurant trade as I love finding new places to eat. Well, specifically dinner. Lunch gets in the way most days. Add close ties to the entertainment industry, and I’m ecstatic as I’m known to annoy the neighbours with playing a variety of musical instruments and have grand designs on film production.

My day is often full with chatting to lovely, clever people, so if you’re trying to figure out how to delight your customers, let’s meet up soon.