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Insights Project

Reduced Price for Analytics Insights Projects

We like to keep busy here at L3 Analytics and approaching the Christmas slow down period, a couple of our team have spare capacity. To fill this, we are offering a significantly reduced price on the L3 Analytics Insights project, a five day deep dive that produces a set of recommendations to improve performance plus presentation back to you on these findings (only available to organisations with Google Analytics).

We have capacity to perform two, potentially three of these projects. The reduced price we are offering them for is £2,250 + VAT. To be more flexible still, we are happy for this to be registered against your budget for this quarter or next quarter; we can adjust payment terms accordingly. So that we can start the projects as quickly as possible, they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. This offer will expire at the end of this week, so at 5pm on 27th Nov ‘15.

For the organisations that claim the offer, one of our Digital Analytics consultants will review your Google Analytics data, picking out key points and recommending actions you can take to better achieve your business objectives/make more money. The project is topped and tailed with meetings, initially to discuss your business and key areas to investigate, concluding with the presentation on our findings and recommendations. This final presentation will be held either pre Christmas or early Jan. If you are London based, meetings will be in person.

Over the five-day analysis period, we will combine our analytics and business experience to dive deep into your numbers and provide solid guidance as to how you can move forward. Typical tasks include:

  • Map out your website and customer journeys
  • Create a Measurement Framework
  • Identify key conversion points and actions
  • Build a Performance Diagnostic report
  • Review performance of different marketing channels & other traffic sources
  • Examine how users navigate through your website and the areas they are most interested in
  • Evaluate behaviour against completion rates of macro and micro conversion actions
  • Give actionable insights based on your current business performance
  • Recommend changes & actions to take to improve performance
  • Suggesting GA set-up changes to enhance the quality of information being collected

If you know there are valuable insights hidden away within your Google Analytics account but don’t know how to get your hands on them, now is the time to ask. Give Peter a call on 07843617347 or email us at enquiries@l3analytics.com with any questions or to sign up.