Digital Analytics Foundation


The value of confidence in the data from any digital analytics tool is a significant asset in any organisation. L3 Analytics will use a tried and tested approach to making sure the set up of Analytics tools is precise, accurate and quick to implement.

Our 12 week time commitment
  • Have confidence in the data from your Analytics tools
  • Learn more about digital analytics and how to improve performance from industry experts
  • Begin using new, simple metrics to guide decision making

Note: We will need your IT team to implement some code changes to meet these objectives so their availability is crucial to meet this timeframe.

In 12 weeks:

Web Analytics Fundamentals 12 weeks promise

Managed Digital Analytics

35% Improvement

We aim for an improved business performance of a minimum of 35% within the first 6 months of our partnership

Our Objectives
  • To use established methods to help you unlock new insights
  • To be guided by industry frameworks and provide a path tailored to your organisation
Measure, Insight, Action

Performance Insights

Transform your data

In this standalone project, we’ll transform your data into intelligence, identifying opportunities for improvement and growth along the way. We’ll then show you how to sustain this process so you can keep making continuous improvements over time.

We give you
  • A review and analysis of your data
  • New insights based on these data points
  • A series of recommendations to improve your performance



Integrating Digital Analytics into your decision making process.

It’s not enough to have great data. In order to really drive value and sustain the competitive advantage great data gives you, organisations need to reach a level of maturity in Digital Analytics which means data driven decision making is embedded in the business and effectively managed over time

How to change
  • We want to help you keep confident in your data, and we want to do this without you having to spend lots of money on consultants. L3 Analytics Change is a series of workshops with key stakeholders to establish a path to maturity with Digital Analytics
Governance, Objective & Scope

 Change workshops

 Change workshops



We want to help you gain a great grasp of Digital Analytics concepts, and then learn how to apply this knowledge directly to your business, using industry leading methodologies and techniques.

Smart people are more valuable than dumb tools
  • An investment in helping people learn how to use data to improve performance pays back more quickly and with higher returns than paying for the latest shiny tool.

 Support Packages - There when you need us


While we’d love you to be a long term partner, we understand that sometimes you just something fixed, or want questions answered, or need a new report.

Our Support package is perfect to call upon as and when you need us.


You’d like the benefits of the Managed Digital Analytics service, but you don’t want to commit?
No problem. L3 Support gives you the flexibility to buy (in advance) a number of hours which you can direct to any priorities you have at the time.