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Goodbye L3 Analytics, Hello LeapThree

L3This is the final L3 Analytics blog post as we complete a merger with AEP Convert to become LeapThree.  It became apparent last year that while L3 Analytics was achieving a lot of success, it wasn’t growing as fast as I would like. I made a phone call to an old friend Michael Feiner @ AEP Convert and LeapThree is the result.

The merger makes so much sense as, beyond sharing the management workload, the synergies were obvious. While here at L3 Analytics we have mostly been using Google Analytics, AEP Convert has been primarily focusing on Adobe Analytics. While most of our projects have been around tool set-up and analysis, AEP Convert have put more time into testing, conversion rate optimisation & personalisation. A bigger combined team and client base really helps as well.

We have joined our expertise to create one great agency dedicated to helping companies use data to make smarter decisions and, as a result, to achieve greater commercial success.

The new LeapThree website will be live (fingers crossed) by the end of this week. In my mind, once that is public, it all becomes official. It has been a long process on the paperwork side while continuing with client work but nearly all the boxes have been ticked now. The LeapThree team is going to bring back the content sharing so you can expect a lot more blog posts in the future.

Should you expect any other changes with LeapThree? In a way, not really. Delivering value to our clients, being experts at Analytics, having a focus on making Analytics usable throughout an organisation – none of this will change. The range of services that are offered, well it is the combination of services from the two agencies.
AEPBut there are going to be some changes. From our years of experiences, we know the most common problems faced by companies. We developed solutions and approaches to solve these problems and standardised our delivery methods to cut time and cost to our clients. In the interests of transparency, LeapThree will be publishing our pricelist for these standard projects. All work is customised to client needs but you can see in advance what the starting point is.

LeapThree will be offering public training courses, initially for users of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. These are going to differ from the norm as well, no beginner Google Analytics and advanced Google Analytics courses here. Instead they will be functional, based on what is directly applicable to your job. Courses will include GA for Marketers & GA for Product Managers, GA for Retailers & GA for Publishers.

The Digital Analytics meetups will continue and the plan for 2017 will be released soon. Given our experience running the premier Digital Analytics conferences in MeasureCamp and the DA Hub, you can expect some more announcements on events in the coming months.

All these details and more will be available on the new LeapThree website shortly. 2017 has already started well on the new client front and we have a plan in place to continue and increase this sales growth . There is some sadness as L3 Analytics was my first company but it is time to move onwards and upwards for future success.

Goodbye to L3 Analytics is really hello to LeapThree. Bring on the future I say…

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about LeapThree.

LeapThreeP.S. there are 10 tickets available to MeasureCamp London for first time speakers. Read this LinkedIn post for details and get in touch to claim your ticket.

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Call for speakers for eMetrics London 2016

I have been privileged over the past three years to chair the London eMetrics Summit, gearing up now for #4. Besides chairing the actual conference, a big part of my responsibility is to select the speakers and content for the conference. Having attended numerous conferences with weak content and scattered with sales pitches, it is a responsibility I take quite seriously.

The next eMetrics is being held in London on the 12th & 13th Oct. We have the first few speakers already confirmed with Stephane Hamel returning from last year and Matthew Tod making his first appearance in a number of years. Plus of course Jim Sterne sharing his wisdom with us all.  There is a Speaker Application form on the website but I thought I would try putting it out there a bit more publicly to see who else is interested.

Speaking at eMetrics

I have brainstormed a list of topics that I believe would work well at eMetrics with these listed below.  Please have a read through and leave a comment if you think you would be right for one of these topics or if you want to suggest someone we should be talking to.

When considering speakers for eMetrics we aim for experts in the field.  It is a formal presentation, generally 35 to 40 minutes in length allowing some time for Q&A at the end. The standard of attendees is very high so the quality of the talks needs to be equally high. The talks should be practical in nature where ever possible, ideal are stories and case studies being shared by practitioners.

  • How to get value from a DMP
  • How/when to use Machine Learning
  • Analytics for start-ups
  • Analytics for small traffic websites
  • Analytics in very large organisations
  • Defining your analytics set-up
  • Choosing your analytics tool
  • My Analytics Toolkit
  • Performance Management (site speed)
  • Why you might want to build your own analytics tool
  • The Website Optimisation Process
  • Tracking customers – why & how
  • Media Mix Modelling
  • Data Driven attribution
  • The statistics of Customer Lifetime Value
  • Integration of analytics with marketing tools
  • Defining user personas within analytics tools
  • Best practices in data visualisation

This is not the definite list, we are happy to listen to any ideas and proposed topics (except for sales pitches). So take a look, have a think and get in touch, either via this blog or the speaker submission forms.

I should mention that speakers get a free ticket to the entire eMetrics Summit…

Come and Learn

Of course, if this has got you interested as an amazing opportunity to learn more (which it really is), tickets are now available. In face, there is currently a Super Early Bird special available with prices starting from only £795 for the two days of the conference – click through to register and get your ticket now.

Peter O’Neill has Received a DAA Awards for Excellence Nomination

The founder of L3 Analytics, Peter O’Neill, has received a DAA Awards for Excellence nomination.

Peter O'Neill L3 Analytics

The DAA Awards for Excellence, which are run by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), aim to recognise the world’s most influential digital analytics practitioners.

Peter O’Neill has been shortlisted in the Most Influential Individual Industry Contributor category for creating MeasureCamp and MeasureBowling, and sits alongside Nicolas Malo, fellow Co-Founder of MeasureBowling. Peter’s nomination which was submitted anonymously reads:

This guy did what no one did. Take care of Europe and the rest of the world (except USA). He brought Analytics to our door through the creation of MeasureCamp and then, in combination with Nicolas Malo, through MeasureBowling. These guys changed the professional life of thousands of people with FREE events. They just ROCK.

MeasureCamp is a free-to-attend unconference, different to any other web analytics conference held around the world. The schedule is created on the day and speakers are fellow attendees. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and participate in sessions, even to lead sessions themselves. The whole point is that attendees focus on what they find most interesting and useful. There have now been 13 MeasureCamps across six cities with at least four more MeasureCamp cities joining this year.

The DAA, which announced the shortlist on the 19th of January 2016, is now calling on all members to place their votes for the person who has had the biggest impact on the analytics community. The first stage of voting is open until the 1st February 2016 and votes can be placed via the DAA website. Finalists will then be announced on the 8th February 2016 and the winners will be decided by an esteemed panel of judges, with the results being announced at the Awards for Excellence Gala in San Francisco on the 4th April 2016.

Peter O’Neill comments, “I am humbled to have a received a nomination for the DAA Awards for Excellence and would like to thank the person who put me forward. My passion for digital analytics started about a decade ago and my focus over the past few years has been on finding new ways to bring the analytics community together to share knowledge.  This has led to the creation of events including MeasureCamp and MeasureBowling. I would like to extend my congratulations to all other shortlisted nominees, it shows the exciting growth in our industry with so many people doing great work.”

To find out more about the DAA Awards for Excellence and to view the full shortlist, please visit the Digital Analytics Association website.

Insights Project

Reduced Price for Analytics Insights Projects

We like to keep busy here at L3 Analytics and approaching the Christmas slow down period, a couple of our team have spare capacity. To fill this, we are offering a significantly reduced price on the L3 Analytics Insights project, a five day deep dive that produces a set of recommendations to improve performance plus presentation back to you on these findings (only available to organisations with Google Analytics).

We have capacity to perform two, potentially three of these projects. The reduced price we are offering them for is £2,250 + VAT. To be more flexible still, we are happy for this to be registered against your budget for this quarter or next quarter; we can adjust payment terms accordingly. So that we can start the projects as quickly as possible, they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. This offer will expire at the end of this week, so at 5pm on 27th Nov ‘15.

For the organisations that claim the offer, one of our Digital Analytics consultants will review your Google Analytics data, picking out key points and recommending actions you can take to better achieve your business objectives/make more money. The project is topped and tailed with meetings, initially to discuss your business and key areas to investigate, concluding with the presentation on our findings and recommendations. This final presentation will be held either pre Christmas or early Jan. If you are London based, meetings will be in person.

Over the five-day analysis period, we will combine our analytics and business experience to dive deep into your numbers and provide solid guidance as to how you can move forward. Typical tasks include:

  • Map out your website and customer journeys
  • Create a Measurement Framework
  • Identify key conversion points and actions
  • Build a Performance Diagnostic report
  • Review performance of different marketing channels & other traffic sources
  • Examine how users navigate through your website and the areas they are most interested in
  • Evaluate behaviour against completion rates of macro and micro conversion actions
  • Give actionable insights based on your current business performance
  • Recommend changes & actions to take to improve performance
  • Suggesting GA set-up changes to enhance the quality of information being collected

If you know there are valuable insights hidden away within your Google Analytics account but don’t know how to get your hands on them, now is the time to ask. Give Peter a call on 07843617347 or email us at with any questions or to sign up.

fireworks (1)

Happy Birthday to Us

This month the team are celebrating a full five years of L3 Analytics, from its first day (one analyst, no clients – more the start of a 90s slacker movie than a company) to now, a healthy nine-strong organisation with multinational clients, an approved Google Analytics Certified Partnership and a posh office with sparkling water on tap.

So what did we do to kick up our heels? Well, we’re geeks, so first up we went to an Escape Room. We were split into two teams and were sent into a room each; one Egyptian themed, the other futuristic. If you have no experience of an Escape Room, here’s what happens: you and your friends are locked into a room with a series of logical and lateral puzzles (two of the Ls in L3) and you have to solve them all, with more than a bit of laughter (the third L). There’s a host you can talk to via walkie talkie, who will give you hints when requested, and also answer yes/no questions.

The idea is to finish it within an hour with no more than three hints. Did we make it? Well…

Yes! With a minute to spare!
Yes! With a minute to spare!
And no… but we were only a few minutes over…
And no… but we were only a few minutes over…

To celebrate/commiserate, we then headed over to Alcoholic Architecture, a Bompas & Parr installation in a former monastery, in the shadows of the Gothic 800-year-old Southwark Cathedral. The renowned “experience designers” have created a mist of gin and tonic, which you walk/shuffle/dance through while wearing a stylish plastic hooded poncho a la Niagara Falls due to the 140% humidity, ingesting the cocktail through your skin and eyeballs. Lovely stuff. There’s a limit of 50 minutes in the misty room, which they reckon equates to one drink.

We were very excited.
We were very excited.

Following this, we thought we had better all have a sit down, so we headed up to tiny little Back in 5 Minutes for dinner. The 28-seater restaurant is behind a curtain in a clothes shop on Brick Lane, and we felt privileged to be there – like the best of secrets. The servers were fun, the kick-off cocktails and amuse bouches were a delight, and the straightforward but delicious menu served us – amongst other things – lamb’s tongue and scallops. We were lucky enough to have a wine expert eating with us, so we knew we were making the most of the combinations!

Back in 5 Minutes
Back in 5 Minutes

After that, we attempted to find a karaoke bar; but who knew they got booked up so quickly?

All in all, we feel like L3’s five years have been fully and properly celebrated, and we can’t wait for the next five.


Birthdays and Announcements

The years appear to be flying by as L3 Analytics turned five last week. A long, slow, usually very busy and at times painful experience but something that has achieved a lot. We are now a team of six full timers with another confirmed for next month plus three more providing support. Not yet at the level I want things to be at, lots of growth to come.

The best moments remain those when clients realise the information available to them through their analytics tool. That it is not just another task on their to-do list or an impossibly complicated tool without value but something which they can use and get value out of. Especially when they are immediately learning more about their own business, work and customers than they knew previously and better yet, talking actions based on this information.

Actually not entirely true. The best moments are when clients find this out through the work of my team. It is a great feeling doing great work, even better feeling seeing others able to do the same thanks to you.

On a personal note, while it is not part of L3 Analytics, I am incredibly proud of everything that has been achieved through the creation of MeasureCamp and MeasureBowling. There are teams of people working on each and Nicolas Malo does an amazing job managing MeasureBowling but crazy to see what can come from an idea with a bit of hard work.

The side benefit has been invitations to speak at conferences around the world (come join me at eMetrics London, iLive Riga and/or Superweek Hungary). Something I very much enjoy, plan to continue doing and intend to work harder at developing my skills in this area. I don’t intend to ever charge for speaking (covering my expenses is nice) but I refuse to pay myself for the experience of sharing my knowledge. A big objective for me over the next five years is to have more Digital conferences asking me to speak as their recognised authority on Digital Analytics.

So announcement time. While it has been on the L3 Analytics to-do list for a very long time, we recently submitted our application to become a Google Analytics Certified Partner and have been approved. We will finally be at the GA Summit and get to hear all about the upcoming features that I won’t be able to tell anyone about. Next tasks there are to become a GTM Certified Partner and to become an approved reseller of Google Analytics Premium.


Other goals? To grow the team and to help more clients. To develop simpler ways of working that are even better at enabling everyone in an organisation to get value out of Digital Analytics (this is incredibly complicated). To develop new solutions around optimisation and forecasting.

For a more direct goal, I want to get back into writing regular blog posts and I think one every two weeks will do this nicely. There are so many ideas I want to share (and get feedback on). Given it is already October, targeting six more posts this year, let’s see how I go…


L3 Analytics build partnership with The Consortium

L3 Analytics are now working in partnership with The Consortium to support the improvement of their Google Analytics set up.

This partnership will see L3 Analytics tasked to uncover insights which improve business performance across The Consortium websites.

Simon Hollingsworth, Head of E-Commerce at The Consortium, said: “One of our strategic imperatives is to help our customers get the best possible experience when they can interact with us, particularly when using our websites. Having great data we can trust is a critical pillar of understanding how to keep exceeding customer expectations.”

“We’re really pleased to be working with one of the best digital analytics consultancies to achieve this. With L3 Analytics, it became clear that they understood the intricacies of our business right from the start of our conversations, and we’re looking forward to doing some great work together.’

L3 Analytics Founder Peter O’Neill, added: “The Consortium are a leading supplier across the education, care, and office sectors and we’re delighted to be working with this critical supplier using our Digital Analytics Foundation service. We are very excited about helping The Consortium team to keep improving the customer experience and helping them get the most from Google Analytics through a solid foundation.”


L3 Analytics announce agreement with easyProperty

Digital Analytics experts, L3 Analytics have been brought on board by easyProperty to implement an effective analytics measurement strategy which will help them to understand how they can better support both new visitors, and existing customers, when they’re using the site.

In addition to creating a solid analytics foundation, the role will see L3 Analytics tasked with providing insights which improve business performance based on customer interaction with the easyProperty website.

Paul Ellerbeck, CTO at easyProperty, said: “We know that every technology that has ever worked has got the customer at its absolute focus. Having confidence in the data we can get from analytics means we can keep improving the experience for our customers as we continue to expand our services.”

“We selected L3 Analytics because they are one of Europe’s leading digital analytics consultancies with a lot of experience in setting up smart analytics. What’s more, the L3 team understood exactly what we’re trying to achieve and presented a very compelling approach to getting this done.”

L3 Analytics Founder Peter O’Neill, added: “easyProperty is backed by a huge brand in the easyGroup and they are bringing significant disruption to the property industry. We’re delighted to be working with them using our Managed Digital Analytics approach which will help them become more data confident through a solid digital analytics foundation, and then supports them to improve their business performance by better understanding what their customers do on their website

A democratic company, a web analytics company

An Employee Owned and Democratic company

It has been very quiet from me (Peter) on the blogging front in the past six months – probably longer to be honest.  Which is very frustrating for me, I really enjoy sharing my ideas.  My excuse is I have been very busy, we have got a lot of new clients on board plus a bigger team here at L3 let alone all of the events involved in.  Hope to start writing again soon but first wanted to share more details on an important area for L3 Analytics.

In addition to an enormous amount of work for clients, 2015 is the year in which L3 Analytics will transform into an employee owned and democratic organisation. What that means exactly is still to be defined. But I want to create a company that everyone can be proud to be a part of. That everyone is invested in and contributes to the long term success of.

This desire has seeds in across all my past experiences, seeing a lack of correlation between the amount and quality of work that myself and others have invested in roles against the rewards for this work. Most companies are set up to benefit shareholders or the most senior few, not the most important stakeholders, the employees. So the least invested get the most rewards. Then I stumbled across the idea of democratic organisations and I saw there was a different way.

The details still need to be worked out and I don’t know what the end result will be. But it will be place where the more you put in, the more you get back in return. Where the quality of life is more important than making as much money as possible. A place where people are genuinely happy to be and proud to be a part of. Where everyone contributes to the direction of the company and values actually means something.

The reason I want to do this is to be part of an amazing company myself, the one I wished I had the opportunity to join earlier in my career. Beyond being rewarded for the work I put in, I want to be a part of the best team possible. I have a small ambition for L3 Analytics to be one of the top 5 analytics consultancies in the world in the future. The team I want around me while achieving this is people who are not only great at analytics and helping their clients achieve great things but who are motivated in the same way.

If all this appeals to you as well, check out the opportunities for joining L3 Analytics.

All the ideas have been inspired for this in different ways by various companies and organisations. Check out a few links here to learn more:

We will provide updates over the course of the year as plans progress and we get closer to completing the transition. Am looking forward to publishing an explanation of how the company operates and what you will get by being a part of it. For now though, leave with one thought. The sooner you join, the more you can influence the shape and direction of your own company.

Javier - new to L3

L3 Analytics Keeps Growing

At end of May Peter O’Neill announced that it was “grow time” for L3 Analytics. I am glad to say that I have just joined Peter and Florian in their purpose of helping companies to understand and improve their online performance.

Who I am & what have I done before?

My name is Javier Martín and I am Spanish.  I have been working as Digital Analyst for almost 2 years now. I discovered Web Analytics back in 2010, measuring basic metrics at the beginning, and step by step and after completing a master directed by Gemma Muñoz, I totally focused in this exciting discipline.

My previous role was as Web Analytics Specialist at Vittalia, an international software and apps marketplace where I was in charge of everything related to web analytics, including both implementation & data analysis.

Before, I spent some time in Paris, where I was learning about other online marketing fields, and realised that analysing and improving the web performance was what actually I wanted to do.


Why I wanted to work for an agency like L3 Analytics?
I am a quite dynamic person who is always looking for new projects, challenges and things to learn. That’s why during my in-house roles, I always thought that a consultant position would match my professional expectations.

I strongly appreciate that L3 Analytics is an agency fully specialized in web analytics, the role that plays within the analytics community and the fact that keep learning is a key point.  That’s why I am sure that joining L3, I have made the right choice in order to become a better web analyst.

Indeed, my first weeks are focused on training that is already providing me with an in-depth knowledge that will help me to help our customers in improving their businesses.  I am currently improving my skills in some specific areas like drawing websites and pages naming, regular expressions, Google Tag Manager and Data Layer.

Moreover, I do think that London is the “place to be” for those who want to develop an ambitious career in web analytics.

I am quite interested in networking with other digital analysts. If you feel like contacting with me for some reason, I can be found here:

. Twitter: @javiermartin_14
. Linkedin :

L3 Analytics is still hiring, if interested in joining me & the rest of the team, please read the Grow Time for L3 Analytics post & send through your details to

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