Birthdays and Announcements

By Peter O'Neill, posted 5th October 2015 in Announcements.

The years appear to be flying by as L3 Analytics turned five last week. A long, slow, usually very busy and at times painful experience but something that has achieved a lot. We are now a team of six full timers with another confirmed for next month plus three more providing support. Not yet at the level I want things to be at, lots of growth to come.

The best moments remain those when clients realise the information available to them through their analytics tool. That it is not just another task on their to-do list or an impossibly complicated tool without value but something which they can use and get value out of. Especially when they are immediately learning more about their own business, work and customers than they knew previously and better yet, talking actions based on this information.

Actually not entirely true. The best moments are when clients find this out through the work of my team. It is a great feeling doing great work, even better feeling seeing others able to do the same thanks to you.

On a personal note, while it is not part of L3 Analytics, I am incredibly proud of everything that has been achieved through the creation of MeasureCamp and MeasureBowling. There are teams of people working on each and Nicolas Malo does an amazing job managing MeasureBowling but crazy to see what can come from an idea with a bit of hard work.

The side benefit has been invitations to speak at conferences around the world (come join me at eMetrics London, iLive Riga and/or Superweek Hungary). Something I very much enjoy, plan to continue doing and intend to work harder at developing my skills in this area. I don’t intend to ever charge for speaking (covering my expenses is nice) but I refuse to pay myself for the experience of sharing my knowledge. A big objective for me over the next five years is to have more Digital conferences asking me to speak as their recognised authority on Digital Analytics.

So announcement time. While it has been on the L3 Analytics to-do list for a very long time, we recently submitted our application to become a Google Analytics Certified Partner and have been approved. We will finally be at the GA Summit and get to hear all about the upcoming features that I won’t be able to tell anyone about. Next tasks there are to become a GTM Certified Partner and to become an approved reseller of Google Analytics Premium.


Other goals? To grow the team and to help more clients. To develop simpler ways of working that are even better at enabling everyone in an organisation to get value out of Digital Analytics (this is incredibly complicated). To develop new solutions around optimisation and forecasting.

For a more direct goal, I want to get back into writing regular blog posts and I think one every two weeks will do this nicely. There are so many ideas I want to share (and get feedback on). Given it is already October, targeting six more posts this year, let’s see how I go…